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Best dividend yielding stocks in India

Best dividend yielding stocks in India

There are many high dividend yielding stocks in India. These stocks can generate much higher returns than bank interests. However, it is important to not buy stocks just for the sake of dividend as there are other factors to consider. Here is a list of high dividend Indian stocks. It is important to remember that a company declares a onetime dividend which will not be available next year.

Indiabull securities

The stock price of Indiabull Securities is around Rs. 29. In 2014, the company has declared interim dividend around 4 times taking the total dividend to around 200 per cent. It gives a dividend yield of 12 percent which is a lot higher than bank deposit rates.

Noida Toll Bridge

The last dividend was 10 percent, which on a price of 35 makes the yield approximately 7 percent.


Last year it declared a dividend of 125 percent. This means that the dividend yield is taken to near 6 percent on a price of Rs 200.


It declared a dividend of 300 percent on a value of Re 1. The resulting yield would be 5.5 percent.

Syndicate bank

It declared a dividend of 55 percent. The yield of dividend would be taken to 5 percent.

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