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Apps that help pay your rent with credit card

Apps that help pay your rent with credit card

Paying your rent with a credit card has many advantages. Many applications help you pay your rent with a credit card.

Here are the details:

RedGiraffe RentPay is the first service provider to offer a rent payment with a credit card. It is still in the leading status. This is due to its low service fee. While its competitors charge above 1%, RedGiraffe charges 0.39% plus GST. However, it has poor user experience and design. Users also need to submit the required documents. It accepts all cards except Amex.

Nobroker charges fees between 1% and 2%. It accepts all credit cards. However, users of some cards may face issues in getting reward points as Nobroker payments are marked as Utility. offers an easy payment option. It charges 1.3%. It accepts all cards except Diners and Amex. However, several users have reported the downtime time of their service multiple times in a short span.

CRED accepts all cards. It has a smooth interface and users can pay with UPI ID as well. However, it charges 1.5% as fees, which is very high.

Recently Paytm also announced the payment of rent through a credit card. Users can also get a cashback of up to ₹1,000 on such transactions. They can transfer rent directly to the account of the landlord. However, the website has integrated many things on the home page. Novice users may have to face difficulties searching for the required things among them.

PayZapp is not an individual app. However, it allows users to pay rent through credit card in association with other major services like RedGiffaffe. You can get additional cashback offers and points paying through different wallets.

So, if you want to pay the rent next time, you can use any of them. However, remember that using a credit card for rent payment has certain disadvantages as well.

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