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Selfie with daughter challenge in Haryana

Selfie with daughter challenge in Haryana

The sex ration in the state of Haryana is at an embarrassingly low place. In order to save the girl child, a unique initiative has been started. It is called the “Selfie with daughter” contest. The contest has been started by Bibipur village panchayat. In this contest, parents from all over the state have to take selfies with their daughters and send it to the village Sarpanch Sunil Jaglan through the instant messaging app ‘Whatsapp’.

The judges will select the three best selfies and they will be awarded with trophies, certificates, and cash prizes, says the village panchayat.

The judge’s panel would consist of a delegation of 30 women sarpanchs and aanganwadi workers who are visiting the village from Punjab on June 19. The purpose of the delegation to visit the village is to learn about the initiatives of the panchayat taken to prevent female foeticide and to empower women in society.

Village Sarpanch, Sunil Jaglan has stated that he has received more than 100 selfies from across the state in the last three days. He adds that generally there aren’t many pictures of daughters in people’s houses here. The contest is aimed to increasing the importance of daughters in a household.

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