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Tips To Make Your Job Description More Effective

Tips To Make Your Job Description More Effective

Employers need to be more careful about what they put in their job posting, and focus more on highlighting the company culture, what the position is really like, and what the company should offer the job seeker.

Many organizations tend to sabotage their hiring strategy by publishing job descriptions which only prevent them from reaching critical recruitment goals.

Ensure that you’re attracting the right type of talent by writing clear and relevant job descriptions.

Whether your business is small or large, getting the right candidate starts with the quality of your job posting. Posting a job online is very different than buying a 4-line classified ad.

However, a little planning and a small-time investment gives you a huge return when you hire the right candidate.

Get the job title right

You want to be creative and engaging and make sure your job title gets attention, but don’t be so esoteric that you miss out on people who are searching for the same job under a different name. Integrate industry standard language and titles so potential candidates won’t miss your company because they’re searching for roles using different nomenclature.

“Keep in mind that your company and the open job have to be found. In order to do that, step out of your own company’s mind and internal terminology. If you call it ‘client relationship manager,’ and they’re searching for the more commonly used ‘account manager,’ you’re going to miss out on those candidates,”

Focus on Benefits

Job seekers are tired of seeing ads of organizations priding themselves for being a Fortune 500 company, for example; for having x number of customers, or for being the new “hot” start up in town. These are all claims to fame, and while there’s nothing wrong with mentioning them in your ads, it’s always better to back them with something more meaningful. For instance, instead of saying you’re a start-up, say you’re looking for people to join you in unique opportunity to build something from scratch.

Job postings should highlight the benefits of joining your company, not just the features. They should provide answers to the “So, what?” reactions many job seekers will have to your ads.

Include salary information

“Include salary range. I have had many clients who have spent time and money to drive to be interviewed multiple times for a position only to find when they are made an offer that is grossly less than what they are earning and there is no way they can live on that salary. Listing the salary range will keep those from applying who would never accept a position at that salary and it will save the hiring manager time too.”

Explain your company’s values

“High performers try to figure out whether your business shares their values. They want to understand your products and what you stand for. Your ad needs tell them that. The first few sentences need to capture the candidate’s attention. Like any effective sales pitch, make it about them and their interests.”

Ask for skills, not experience

“Skills trump experience. Be clear about the specific skills a candidate will use in their new job. Focusing on experience alone may eliminate the candidate with the best skills which you can grow and develop in favour of a more experienced but mediocre performance.”

List specific skill requirements

“Use specific language. For example, instead of seeking a candidate who is ‘computer literate’ or has ‘good communication skills,’ explain the specific programs or technologies the employee will be using and the ways in which they will be required to communicate and with whom. The words ‘administrative duties’ are also very broad and should be clarified as much as possible.”

Talk about your company culture

“Beyond the skills and experience required for the position, applicants are looking for a company where they can fit in and relate to the culture and goals. To draw the highest-quality and best-fit applicants to your position, you must give them a feel for your company culture.”

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