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Things That Will Get you Promoted

Things That Will Get you Promoted

The day you start a new job you should begin planning for your next job and that is good for a successful career.

Just make sure that you stay focused enough on the job you were hired for that you succeed.

Employees have to create and manage their own career paths — through one or multiple organizations.

Show your initiative, creativity, and value to the firm.

Here are few things that will get you promoted:

Develop mentoring relationships
Keep in good contact with your supervisor, and make sure he or she knows what you’ve been up to. Some companies have formal mentoring programs, but even if your company does not, there are still ways you can build relationships with people in higher positions in the company.

Mentors can also be great sources for information and career guidance. Make sure people know who you are and make sure you get credit where credit is due.

Make a bond with your boss
A strong relationship with a manager or someone higher up in your department can open a lot of doors for you. all opportunities to make your boss a key supporter of your promotion.

Use professional settings to seek counsel and stress your interest in staying with the company. Use performance appraisals not just to go over your accomplishments, but to talk with your boss about potential roadblocks to a promotion — and how to overcome those roadblocks.

Building rapport with your boss by learning more about his or her outside interests and hobbies — and then chatting about them during conferences, parties, or other informal activities.

 Seek out new skills

It’s not enough to be great at your job; you also have to develop marketable skills that prepare you for more responsibility. One of the best ways to succeed in getting a promotion is to expand your knowledge and skills sets in areas that are critical to the organization.

As technology and other environmental forces change rapidly, you need an ever-increasing skill set not only to perform your job, but to stay marketable.

Employees who want to get ahead should not only keep current with industry news and events, but to also pay attention to trends and events outside their specialty.

 Build your network
The more people who know you, know your strengths and abilities, know your value to the organization, and know some of your ambitions, the more likely your name will be discussed when opportunities arise.

The benefit of networking is that you will learn much more about the company if you network with people in other areas of the organization. Learn more about networking here.

 Ask for more responsibilities
Don’t make demands but simply ask for more responsibilities — increases your value within the organization. Asking for more work shows your interest and desire to help your department and company to succeed — as well as putting a spotlight on your value to the organization.

Act professionally
Earn a reputation for being dependable, professional, and cooperative. Behave professionally all the time, dress up well.


Be a goal-setter

Be pro-active with your goal-setting to show your manager that you’re serious about working hard, making change happen and getting ahead.

Create a list of the top three career goals you have for yourself in 2017, then plan how you want to make those goals come to life. Bring this list to your meeting and talk about it with your manager.

Make sure you walk away with a targeted plan for next year. If your manager says you need to improve on something work on that. The most important thing to do is work to ensure you and your manager have shared expectations of what success in your role looks like.

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