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Things You Need to Discard If You Really Want To Get Ahead

Want To Get Ahead

When you think about advancing your career, what do you consider doing? Learning new skills? Building your network? Maybe pursuing a side gig?

These are all great options for getting already at work. If you’re gunning for a promotion or simply need to make yourself more attractive for future open doors, you can’t turn out badly by extending your insight and building connections.

But as you solidify your plans for advancement this year, I’d like you to also consider an alternate approach: giving up.

In some cases the thing keeping us down isn’t an absence of something—it’s our refusal to dump something that is turned out to be obsolete or immaterial.

Look at the rundown underneath, and inquire as to whether you can prepare for those new abilities or connections by deserting what you do not require anymore.

Here are few things you need to discard if you really want to get ahead in your career:


Insecurity is a recipe for ongoing unhappiness. Insecurity can come from your own self-judgment, or from the judgments of others. Either way, it makes no sense to go through life under the yoke of that judgment.

If you are being the best version of yourself possible, living the life that is true and right for you, no one has a right to cast judgment on you. That includes your own doubts.

Remember, you picked them up somewhere along the line, and they are unfair to you and to others. The people who love you now love you for who you really are. You do neither yourself nor them any favors by constantly second-guessing their affection and respect



Jealousy usually stems from insecurity. If you can let go of insecurity, you can often let go of jealousy, because you no longer spend all your time worrying about what you are going to lose.

Possessiveness is an emotion closely related to jealousy. Sometimes it causes it, and other times it results from it. It’s one emotion which will bring nothing but harm to those you love, and also to yourself.

Remind yourself when you are feeling possessive that a relationship is not something you own, but something you share with another person. You will feel much happier when you leave that ugly emotion behind you.

You may even discover once you let go of possessiveness, jealousy, and insecurity, that you never had anything to worry about.

Fear Of Failure

The fear of failure and the fear of success are flip sides of the same coin for many people. Both are connected to the fear of change and uncertainty. Oftentimes, when you are waiting for “the right moment,” the motivating fear behind it is one of these two.

Either you are scared you will fail, or you are afraid you will succeed and will not be able to handle the massive upheaval to your life if you do, even if it is for the better.

“What you never know can’t hurt you,” is a common saying. But that isn’t really true, is it? When you are stuck in a rut, that hurts you. You are squandering your potential, and each day, you lose more of your confidence. Not only that, but you may be losing opportunity. You never know what you can achieve unless you take the chance and try.

An Irrelevant Goal

Goals are obviously important. If you aren’t working toward something concrete, after all, then what are you doing? And yet being inflexible in the pursuit of your goals may lead to trouble in some situations. A leadership change at work, a transfer to a different department, a new opportunity, or any other number of unforeseen changes could all impact the feasibility of any given goal.


Your Comfort Zone

While your comfort area and your routines are important for creating a sense of stability and security in your day to day life, there are times when you need to learn to let go of them.

If you never step outside of your comfort zone, you never grow as a person, and your comfort zone remains small and contained. While doing something new may be uncomfortable at first, look at it as a chance to expand your comfort zone.

Over time, as you forge into new frontiers, you will give yourself the chance to be comfortable in a new environment, a new role, or a new relationship. You will free yourself to achieve more, to be more. Your comfort zone should be there to welcome you home each day, not to serve as a prison.

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