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Questions Great Co-workers Ask Themselves Consistently

Questions Great Co-workers Ask Themselves Consistently

We realize that when people like and respect us, they stand by us when we need them most.

Along these lines, we think about being a decent companion.

But we probably never think about whether or not we’re good co-workers.

Having any friends means you’re probably going to be more joyful at work, and if you’re happy, you’re engaged, and when you’re engaged, you produce better work. You open yourself up to challenges.

1. Do They Consistently Swing to Me for Advice or Help?

Are you the go-to person for any tech-related problems? Does your desk mate lean on you for guidance when your boss is having a bad day? Do people come to you when they’re struggling to meet deadlines and could use a hand?

If you answered yes, good job! And if not, it could be for two reasons:

  1. Your habits—such as wearing headphones 24/7 or always complaining about your workload—make you seem unapproachable.
  2. You never offer to help, so people assume you wouldn’t want to.

Which should lead you to ask…

2. Do I Regularly Offer to Help?

When you offer your help, especially unsolicited, it opens the door for collaboration and trust. Additionally, it’s regularly complementary—individuals will be more disposed to enable you out when they to know you’re willing to do it for them.

3. Do I Consider Their Prosperity My Own?

When you’re going to accomplish something important, do you consider how another person could benefit (or be hurt) from your success? Not saying you should always hand off your biggest wins to others, but maybe your actions can help both you and another person support their career.

4. Do I Celebrate Their Achievements Even When They’re Not My Own?

Jealousy tends to be the first emotion many people feel when another person succeeds. But to be a good teammate, you have to move past that. Because I bet you’d want someone to be happy for you if the roles were reversed.

So, celebrate your co-worker when they deserve to be celebrated.

5. Do I Get some information about Something besides Work?

It’s so senseless, yet a basic “How goes it with you?” or “Did you have a good end of the week?” goes far when it’s really asked again and again. You begin to fabricate a relationship not exclusively based on work, and you demonstrate them you think about them as a human, not only a work accomplice.

6. Do My Co-workers Do Any of the Above?

This is the easiest and most confidence-boosting question you should be asking when it comes to work relationships.

Do your teammates regularly congratulate you for your accomplishments? Do they include you in work—and non-work—conversations? Do they invite you to happy hour?

Chances are, if they do anything that’s respectful, affectionate, encouraging, or the list above, you’re doing alright in their—and our—eyes.

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