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Fix Your Broken Recruiting Process To Hire Great Employees

Fix Your Broken Recruiting Process

Business leaders still complain about “talent shortages” when anyone who has applied for a job lately knows that the standard corporate or institutional recruiting process is badly broken.

It isn’t talent shortages that keep employers and willing and capable job-seekers apart. It’s the broken-down state of the recruiting process!

Leaders who are serious about hiring great people need to examine their own internal practices and fix whatever is broken. If you want to hire great people, you have to see recruiting as a sales and marketing activity, because that’s what it is.

Here is a simple ideas of common breakdowns to fix your broken recruiting process to hire great employees:

  1. Resume screeners use keyword-searching algorithms to do their jobs for them instead of reading resumes with their own eyes. I read resumes for twenty years and made thousands of great hires, and many other HR people still do it today. You will never fill out your team with awesome people by letting a piece of code screen resumes for you – you should do it yourself, the old-fashioned way.
  2. Poor recruiting processes respond to applicants with terse, unfriendly and noncommittal messages like “Your materials have been received. If we want to interview you, we’ll be in touch.” Why not take the fifteen seconds it would require checking an applicant’s background against your open positions before writing to them at all? That way, you can say “You seem to have the right background for several of our job openings” rather than “If we want to talk to you, we’ll let you know, and if we don’t, you might wait forever to hear from us.”
  3. If you post a job ad, get responses to it and leave the respondents waiting for two or three weeks before they hear from you, expect the most marketable candidates to flee — and who can blame them? Good recruiting is fast. The best candidates will be off the market the soonest.
  4. When you interview candidates, do you welcome them to the company and show them around? Do you make sure to answer their questions first, before you start asking them questions? Companies that treat job-seekers like gold will never have trouble filling their open positions.
  5. Good employers use their own employees, customers and vendors as prime sources of new hires. If you post job openings to the whole world before letting your employees, customers and suppliers know about them, you are not only missing out on an awesome source of talent but also insulting your own best recruiting team members. If you don’t value your employees enough to make them ambassadors for your brand, then your culture is broken.
  6. Your recruiting process has a serious problem if you make candidates wait weeks to hear back from you after a job interview. It shouldn’t take more than two or three business days to get back to every candidate — the ones you want to meet again or extend an offer to as well as the folks you can see are not a great fit for your company at this moment.
  7. Smart employers never turn anybody off with the message “You failed — we’re not hiring you.” Smart employers know that if we don’t have a job opening for you today, maybe we’ll have one tomorrow or a month from now. Either way, we want to stay friends! I have had “failed” candidates refer other candidates to me and stay in touch with our company for years afterward. You know your recruiting process is working when candidates tell you “It’s not the right environment for me, but I have a friend you should interview” and they turn out to be right!

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