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How A 5 Year Plan Can Help You

How A 5-Year Plan Can Help You

You finally landed an interview for your dream job.

You did your research on the company, you wore your best outfit, avoided nervously fidgeting with your hands during the interview but then they asked you that dreaded question:

Now the question is where do you see yourself in the next five years?

It’s a scary thought. But instead of letting the anxiety in, take a moment for self-reflection.

You can use the question to reappraise your own goals and how you can go about accomplishing them. Follow these steps to create your 5 year plan.

Step 1

Identify your end goal, or what you ultimately want to accomplish by the end of five years. Each goal that you set is made up of smaller goals, but knowing the main goal that you’re working towards gives you a solid starting foundation.

Create a broad idea of what your life will be like in five years when it comes to career and lifestyle.

Step 2

Write your five-year goals down and display them in a prominent place where you can see them often.

Whether you write them on a small card that you can tape to your computer, or write the goal dates in your planner, make sure that you give yourself a daily reminder of what you plan to do in the next five years.

Step 3

Evaluate the talents, abilities and training you currently have and assess whether or not they are conducive to the achievement of your five-year career plan. If you want to become a graphic designer because you have an eye for design, but you don’t know the software, you’ll need extra training to follow your five-year career plan.

Be honest with yourself so you know exactly what it will take to get the results that you want from your plan.

Step 4

Break your five-year career plan into smaller, more manageable goals. While you may want a complete career overhaul in five years, you must begin to act now in order to achieve what you want in your career.

Set realistic timelines for smaller goals, like receiving training, getting a mentor or interning with a company that you admire. Smaller achieved goals will eventually accumulate to help you complete your ultimate plan, notes business website.

Step 5

Track your successes and failures and reassess your plan as necessary. If you have always wanted a certain career, but begin training and realize it isn’t for you, choose a new five-year goal and create a new business path based on your knowledge, skills and interest level.

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