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Woman who makes crores while empowering other women

Woman who makes crores while empowering other women

Necessity is the mother of invention. This woman proved it once again. Anamika Singh hailed from a small town in Uttar Pradesh. She came to Delhi to pursue her studies.

After completing her studies, she worked with a few companies as an HR professional. However, after delivering a baby, Anamika struggled to balance household chores and job tasks. This made her think about the solution, which helped other women as well.

Anamika says that a mother’s preference is always the newborn. So, work must not be a strain on new mothers. But, many employers do not recognize it. As a result, women struggle a lot to balance work and family life after having a child.

She wished to offer flexibility to new mothers so that they take can take care of their newborns without stress.

She started Litsa Services in 2018 with ₹50,000. She started working from home. Later, she hired some people and shifted to an office.

Litsa Services is located in Noida. It is associated with some companies providing jobs to women.

The company mainly focuses on women who want to find a job with flexible timings. It hired over 500 women for many companies.

Employees can work at any time of their choice. If they have to attend to a family task during the daytime, they can complete the work at night or early in the morning as per their convenience.

Employers give full freedom to their employees. Hence, employees can manage their work and family without any stress.

Using Litsa is free for employees as it does not charge them. But, clients who use its services will pay a certain percentage of the annual CTC of the hired employee. In this way, the company receives its income. Now it has a turnover of more than ₹2.5 crores.

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