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Woman earns lakhs by selling salads

Woman earns lakhs by selling salads

If you work hard sincerely and are confident about your success, then you will see wonderful results.

This woman is a good example of it.  Megha Bafna has a passion for making salads. She turned her passion to business.

She was a full-time employee at a real estate company. But, her love for salads made her quit her job and focus on her own venture.

Megha used to take her lunchbox along with different types of salads when she was working at the real estate company. Her colleagues were enjoying and requesting her to get multiple servings of salads.

Then, she realized that healthy salads are not readily or easily available in the market like junk food. Though some salads are available in the market, they are expensive. The availability of fresh salads in the market is another issue.

Hence, Megha wanted to address these issues and started the salad business in 2017. She started her business with ₹3,500. Just circulating an e-flyer on WhatsApp and Facebook, Megha spent nothing on promotions for her startup. She receives orders through word-of-mouth publicity.

She provides quality services to customers. Her success lies in maintaining the same quality for the last four years.

She started with six orders on the first day. Now, she receives plenty of orders per day. She earns around ₹1.5 lakhs per month.

She uses reusable plastic containers to retain the freshness of salads. She faced many challenges but overcame them with patience. She learned many things in this course.

She offers 27 types of salads. She employs 30 people. While women help in chopping, men deliver salads to customers.

Megha also offers customized salads for those who need them. Different packages of salads are available. While a weekly morning salad subscription starts at ₹620, a combo meal of salad and soup is available for ₹1,200. She wants to offer franchises to interested people, but after COVID-19.

Image by Andy Walther from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://pixabay.com/photos/eat-salad-vitamins-healthy-1033210/

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