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Woman earns lakhs by selling ghee in her 50s

Woman earns lakhs by selling ghee in her 50s

Ghee is widely used in Indian cuisine, especially in sweets and traditional recipes. Due to a lack of time to prepare ghee at home, many people buy ghee from outside. However, most of the brands available in the market are processed ghee.

Ghee making process in a traditional way is elaborate and time-consuming. Hence, many ghee-sellers make it from cream or butter obtained from raw milk instead of making it from curd, as it is faster than the traditional ghee making process.

Here is a woman who earns lakhs of rupees by selling pure homemade ghee. She uses the Bilona method for making ghee. Curd is hand-churned to extract butter and then boiled to make ghee in this method.

Kamaljit Kaur from Thane launched Kimmu’s Kitchen at the age of 50 years to sell farm-fresh Bilona ghee. This ghee is pure and free of additives, preservatives, and chemicals.

Kamaljit, who consumed fresh dairy products and vegetables during her childhood, missed the taste when she moved to Mumbai after her marriage. She always prefers homemade ghee for making sweets. When some of her acquaintances said that the ghee she was making at home had great business potential, she decided to launch it in the market.

She procures buffalo milk from her village in Ludhiana to make the ghee using the Bilona method. She set up a central unit in the village for making ghee. Everything except packing the ghee and distribution is done in the village. Kamalajit says that the orders vary each day. However, on average, she delivers 4,500 bottles of ghee every month.

The ghee is sold in three different sizes of bottles – 220 ml, 500 ml and 1 litre. The cost of a 220 ml bottle is ₹399.

Her son, Harpreet Singh, looks after the business operations of Kimmus’s Kitchen. Kamalajit invested around ₹8 lakhs for business growth. Now she is earning more than ₹20 lakhs.

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Image Reference: https://www.kimmuskitchen.com/

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