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This man runs Auto Ambulance in Delhi

This man runs Auto Ambulance in Delhi

Age is not a problem if you have a strong will and dedication. This 76-year old man proves it with his deeds.

Harjinder Singh from Delhi has been a Traffic Warden for the Delhi Police. He is also the General Secretary of the Autorickshaw Union.

He started his journey as an autorickshaw driver in 1964. In his 55 years of driving, he never received a challan or has never been stopped by traffic police.

He acted as a bridge between the Police and the general public.

Singh’s autorickshaw is equipped with a first-aid kit including all emergency material like bandages, antiseptic lotion, cream for burns and tablets like paracetamol.

He underwent training to administer first-aid and to operate auto ambulance to help people in emergencies including accidents.

He started his free auto ambulance service when there were floods in Delhi. He helped several people over the years.

His auto displays his number and numerous people saved it to reach out his auto in times of an accident.

Being a one-man army, he is trying to save as many people as he could, however, he has his limitations and cannot reach everywhere.

He keeps part of the money earned by auto driving for his family and the rest of the amount is spent for underprivileged patients to buy medicines.

He will buy them and give them whenever he is nearby to their locality by noting down their name and address.

Though his family is insisting him to take a break and stay at home due to his age, he denies it saying that working keeps him happy. Moreover, he does not want to be a burden to anyone.

If anybody wants to help him in any way, he/she or can call him to offer their help.

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