Teacher changes lives of tribal people

Teacher changes lives with books, songs, and stories

Teacher changes lives with books, songs, and stories

Ninoshka Dsilva, whose love for teaching went to a remote village in Odisha. What she did there changed the lives of the tribal people and the kids there can’t seem to get enough of their new teacher.

She says that teaching is the biggest passion of her life and she feels special when she is with kids as she connects with them easily and loves to spend time with them. After she graduated in 2012, she did not even think twice before going after her passion.

In the beginning she did a part time internship at a local school in Jharkhand where she taught English to the kids. However, she wanted to do something to children who need education the most. She joined SBI Youth for India Fellowship. She went to Odisha to continue her passion of teaching. She speaks fluent Oriya after just 4 months and has become the favorite for children.

She uses unique methods to teach children like using songs and stories. When an outsider sang their local songs, the children were very interested in it. Her teaching style made the classroom vibrant and helped these children learn much faster. She also uses music and videos combined with storytelling to help the children learn useful skills. She engaged 40 tribal kids in just few months using these methods.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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