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Smile on Wheels: Healthcare on wheels

Smile on Wheels: Healthcare on wheels

India has the second-largest population in the world, at a total of 1.21 billion people, all of which ultimately have a right to health. However, out of this 1.21 billion people, 833.3 million people live in rural areas, according to a census taken in 2011.

Additionally, about 23% of the people who live in major cities reside in slum areas. In slums, people are often exposed to infections and diseases sourcing from the open drains, the unhealthy drinking water, and the lack of sanitary toilets and waste disposal systems.

In rural areas, people do not even have a means to access any health facilities, and are left virtually isolated from the benefits of modern medicine.

However, the Smile Foundation is working to bring a change to this issue, and thus, they have created their health initiative, Smile on Wheels (or SoW). Smile on Wheels is a mobile hospital, which travels to impoverished areas full of people that do not have access to health facilities, and provides them with clinically-advanced healthcare services.

The services are free of cost, therefore significantly cutting down the out-of-pocket expenditure that often entrenches poor people in debt. SoW travels to poor rural villages and equally poor urban slums, both of which are in need of such facilities.

Currently, there are 40 SoW mobile hospital projects running in 17 states. These mobile hospitals reach out to over 500,000 families in 800 villages. Last year, SoW provided healthcare services to over three and a half lakh people in 465 rural villages and urban slums.

 Smile on Wheels: Healthcare on wheels

Smile on Wheels: Healthcare on wheels

With these services, poor people do not have to sacrifice their work days or wages in order to receive proper healthcare treatment.

Now, the efforts of Smile on Wheels can bring healthcare to all those who need it, and thus, make life better for all people in India.

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