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Sikh community offers free meals for isolated people in US

Sikh community offers free meals for isolated people in US

The Sikh community stretches their helping hands to help people several times. They helped Delhites during the Delhi riots. And now in the coronavirus pandemic, they offered their help to set up isolation wards for people affected by the disease at the Gurdwara Majnu Ka Tilla.

Not only in the country, but they also helped foreign countries. They helped in the Australian bushfires as well.

Now, in the outbreak of deadly coronavirus, the Sikh Centre in New York offered 30,000 home-cooked meals packets to self-isolated people.

The Mayor’s office in New York approached the Sikh community for the food packets to be distributed to several federal agencies there.

The Sikh community agreed to prepare food with proper hygiene measures like using face masks and gloves.

The workers involved with cooking and packing food had undergone a medical check and had been approved by health authorities.

They also maintained social distance at the time of cooking. They provided a vegetarian meal with rice, lentils and dry fruits. They prepared meals on Sunday and packed them for delivery.

The local authorities distributed it on Monday. The food packets were distributed to elderly people, homeless, differently-abled people, and single parents looking after their kids who can’t go outside.

Gurudwara funded the free-meal programme. For this, donations were collected from people by United Sikhs, an NGO.

99% of beneficiaries of the programme are Americans while very few Indians used it.

Several other Sikh volunteers across the country are also getting ready to provide free food and shelter at Gurudwaras. They are also preparing to deliver medicines and other essentials to the homeless and people in need. If anyone feels it is difficult to get essential things, then they can contact these volunteers.

Image Reference: Indiatimes

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