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Renu Khatun was assured of her job offer by the CM

Renu Khatun was assured of her job offer by the CM

Renu Khatun, a young woman who lost her right palm due to her husband’s heinous act, has been assured of her job offer by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

This 23-year-old woman got a nurse job in a government hospital. It irked her husband Sariful Sheikh.

He chopped off her right palm on Sunday as soon as he heard about her job offer. The jealous husband hired two people to help him in this matter.

The two people, Asraf Ali and Habib Sheikh stayed at her in-laws’ house to help her husband, Sariful.

Asraf is a construction worker in Kerala. Habib is a helper in a chicken selling shop in Pune. They reached his place and stayed at the house of his parents before committing the crime.

Police arrested all of them. Now, Renu is in hospital and recovering well.

In this context, CM Mamata Banerjee assured Renu that she would get her job. An appointment letter was issued to her after that.

As per the instructions of CM, a senior official spoke to Renu over the phone. As per her request, she has been given a job posting in East Burdwan. Besides, CM Mamata Banerjee also directed them to give posting in her jurisdiction.

Officials said that Renu was already issued an appointment letter for the post of staff nurse (grade-II) in East Burdwan district, West Bengal. However, she will be assigned non-nursing duties due to her present condition.

Officials also sent her appointment letter. It will reach her in two days. Renu can join in the duty after her recovery.

Renu is happy about it. She started to practise writing with her left hand. She sought severe punishment for her husband and his two aides.

Renu married Sariful in 2017. He owns a small grocery store in Kojalsa village of the Ketugram district. Renu was hired as a nurse in a private hospital before applying for a government job.

Renu wanted to apply for a government job. However, Sariful asked not to apply for a government job as he did not like it. But, Renu applied and got the job.

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