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Real life hero saves suicidal people

desi superman

When many people hear the word “hero”, they think of fictional characters with larger-than-life personalities and supernatural powers.

However, in the real world, heroes are often otherwise ordinary people who happen to perform incredible feats.

One such person is Manoj Kumar Saini, a man from Uttar Pradesh. He is considered a hero in the state’s Muzaffarnagar district.

Usually, Saini works at his makeshift juice stall in Muzaffarnagar’s Bhopa area. However, his heroic deeds over the last year have earned him the title of “Desi Superman” among the people.

Saini works on the Ganga canal in the Bhopa area. This is known as the “suicide point”, since the canal has a bridge where depressed people often jump to their deaths.

Saini was completely stunned when he first saw a man jumping from the bridge into the canal.

Then, in an instant, he decided to jump into the canal to save the man’s life. Since then, Saini has saved seven people in the past year.

He has risked his own life in the process each time, but saving these people’s lives is more than worth it for him.

Now, every time Saini sees people throw themselves into the canal, he jumps in to get them out and save them.

Recently, Saini saved the 70-year-old uncle of Gyanaander Singh, the former Bhokaredhi nagar panchayat chairman.

Singh is extremely grateful for Saini’s heroism. Although Saini isn’t officially trained in swimming, he still swims very well.

He was awarded ₹1,000 for this brave action. Saini’s heroic acts have garnered him attention from the police and administration.

The DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police) of the Bhopa area, Rajeev Kumar Gautam, has recognized Saini for his bravery.

He also said that Saini is being considered for the bravery award for the year.

Although he might not have any special powers, Saini is a real-life hero who has done incredible deeds of his own, and he has saved the lives of several potential suicide victims.

Image Reference: The Times of India

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