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Odisha couple makes divine idols from paddy

Odisha couple makes divine idols from paddy

Dhaan Murti is an indigenous art form of Odisha. It is known as Paddy craft art.

Only a few people know this form of art. Hari Krishna Nayak, 45-year-old man from Koraput is one among them. He has been doing this work since his childhood.

His wife Asha learned the art from her husband. The couple has been doing this for 20 years.

The couple is busy crafting idols from unhusked paddy. After stringing rice grains on bamboo silvers, they keep the structure in place with the help of naturally dyed coloured yarn.

Rural areas are blessed with paddy as it is grown there. It is quite common for many farmers, especially in  South Canara district in Karnataka to hang them in the form of torans or decorating entrances of the homes.

In East areas of the country, it is common to make idols using paddy grains, Dhaan Murti. It is seen in several tribal communities of Odisha. People native to Balasore, Koraput, Kalahandi, and Bolangir district are well-known for this art.

Bamboo silvers and rice grains are soaked in turmeric water to make Dhann Murti. Then, they are sun-dried to retain the yellow colour of turmeric. Later, these strings are shaped into idols of gods and goddesses. Or, shaped in the required form.

To make these idols, they use yellow, red and green colours. Idols of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, and Goddess Saraswati are made during Diwali. The idols are brightly coloured and light-weight.

They get some extra income by making these idols. However, this art is not easy. It needs a lot of patience as the artist has to work with small paddy grain. Besides, it is boring. Yet, the couple is continuing their tradition and hope one of their children would continue it.

Apart from idols, the couple also makes traditional combs and jewellery.

Hari also wants to train anyone interested to learn to preserve indigenous art and tradition.

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