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Mumbai woman makes soaps with ghee

Mumbai woman makes soaps with ghee

Have you ever observed the ingredients of your bathing soap? Most of them are made with chemicals like parabens, petrochemicals and preservatives.

These chemicals are not good for your skin as they make your skin dry. Some other ingredients of the soaps may even be carcinogenic.

Rakhi Pikle, a Mumbai woman is making soaps at home under the name ‘The Green Sage’. These soaps are made with shea butter and other natural ingredients.

Rakhi who was working in a corporate sector for more than 10 years quit her job to look after son.

She wanted to use soft soaps for her son. But, she did not find soaps or moisturizers in the market without harsh chemicals.

She started researching on making a good soap for her son. She attended several workshops on making of cold-process soaps, moisturisers etc.

She succeeded in her attempts and then started selling her own brand by making soaps and other wellness products.

Her cold-process soaps have a curing period of nearly three months. The remaining products like creams, moisturizers etc. are made by her in small batches as and when the customer orders them.

Thus, all the products are sold fresh.

She says that cold process soaps have several benefits. These soaps clean your skin and retain the moisture on your skin.

Since these are made with natural ingredients and essential oils, they are gentle even for young kids.

Rakhi’s best-selling product is the soap made with pure ghee and French clay. She formulated this soap with pure ghee after several experiments.

She uses shea butter, cocoa butter etc. in addition to the use of olive oil and coconut oil in her products. She does not use palm oil due to its contribution to environmental degradation.

Her products are packaged in paper or tin containers.

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