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Motivational story of IIM Professor

Motivational story of IIM Professor

While adversities discourage many people from achieving goals, only a few people fight them to succeed in their lives.

This IIM professor is a good example. His journey inspires and motivates several people.

Ranjith R from Kerala started his journey from a hut. Now he is a professor at IIM Ranchi.

Ranjith’s father is a tailor, and his mother is a daily wage labourer. The couple studied till Class 5. But, they knew the importance of education.

Ranjith studied in a government residential school. After schooling, he wanted to pursue BA in Economics. At that time, he came to know about the financial difficulties of his family. He joined as a night watchman to pursue his studies and finished his post-graduation. He studied in the college during the day and worked as a watchman at night. He topped his college.

After completing his post-graduation, he joined IIT-Madras for his PhD. As he was not good at other languages except Malayalam, he felt it difficult at IIT-Madras. He used to feel alone in the middle of a crowd. He decided to give up his PhD after a year.

However, his guide Dr Subash Sasidharan convinced him to continue his research.  Dr Subash said that accepting a defeat without fighting is not at all good. Hence, Ranjith decided to continue at IIT and excelled. He completed his PhD in four years and three months and received a fellowship for completing his PhD early.

Ranjith wanted to work at a premier institute like many other students of his guide, Dr Subhash. He applied for the post of assistant professor at IIM-Ranchi last October. Meanwhile, Christ University offered him a job. Later he received an offer letter from IIM also. Ranjith wants to build a home for his parents and siblings. He shared his story to motivate many young and underprivileged to make their dreams true by fighting the odds.

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