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Meet these Talented weavers from AP & TS

Meet these Talented weavers from AP & TS

There are many talented weavers in India. You might have heard about ancient weavers, who weave silk sarees that can fit into a matchbox. Still, some of them exist in the country. Here are two talented weavers from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Jujaru Nagaraju, a 40-year-old handloom weaver in Dharmavaram, Andhra Pradesh, is an avid devotee of Lord Rama. He has woven a unique silk sari, which he named Rama Koti Vastram.

Nagaraju wove a 60-metre-long and 44-inch-wide silk sari and wrote Jai Sri Ram 32,200 times in 13 Indian languages. Besides, he had drawn 168 different pictorial depictions from Sundarakand on the saree.

He spent a lot of effort on the sari and money of ₹1.5 lakh to create this attractive piece. He used around 16 kg of silk cloth for weaving the saree. Nagaraju decided to gift this beautiful saree to Ayodhya Ramalayam.

In another incident, a young handloom weaver, Nalla Vijay, from Rajanna Sircilla district of Telangana, had woven a silk saree that can fit into a matchbox. It took two weeks for him to complete the saree. He spent ₹12,000. He said that it would be finished in three days with a cost of ₹8,000 if weaved on machines.

Nalla Vijay was inspired by his father. That’s why he has been continuing the family tradition. When Vijay displayed this saree before a few state ministers, they appreciated him, saying it was the first time to see a saree that fits into a matchbox. They also assured him of help for his innovation.

Before displaying the saree to ministers, Vijay exhibited it at the World Telugu Conference in 2017. Vijay had woven a saree with super fine silk and gifted it to the former US president Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama, when they visited India in 2015.

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