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Meet this ideal padman that weds in a unique way

Meet this ideal padman that weds in a unique way

Sachin Asha Subhash from Maharashtra is an active social worker. His mother had to undergo hysterectomy at a very young age.

She got badly infected due to the use of clothes during her periods. She was not aware of the consequences of using clothes during periods like millions of other women in the country.

Since then, Sachin took up this social cause. He started a wall of humanity in Pune for the poor people. Anyone can donate things here and those who are in need will take them.

Moreover, he himself had distributed clothes in orphanages and government schools.

Later he wanted to use the clothes to be donated to make hygienic cloth pads.

The cloth pads are named after his mother Asha. Asha pads are cheaper and hence more accessible to poor women. Furthermore, they are creating employment for many people.

Asha pads are distributed to tribal women also. Not just that, all these rural women are taught to make these pads on their own so that they won’t incur any further expenses in future.

He is creating awareness on menstrual hygiene to rural women. So far, he visited 70 villages and influenced the lives of many women.

While travelling to rural areas, he met Sharvari Surekha Arun. Both of them found that their opinions are same on many things, and felt that they are made for each other.

Then, they wanted to marry. Sharvari likes calligraphy. Hence, she had hand written the wedding invitations.

Meet this ideal padman that weds in a unique way

Meet this ideal padman that weds in a unique way

They wanted to marry in a Satyashodak wedding, the wedding without priests and normal rituals.

Normally, people prefer to marry on auspicious days. They chose the Republic Day saying that there won’t be a better day than that for their wedding.

The couple invited nearly 1000 guests to their wedding ceremony and insisted for books as wedding gifts from those want to gift them. They received 1500 books.


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