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Man gifts plot of land on the Moon to his wife

Man gifts plot of land on the Moon to his wife

While many people are striving to buy a piece of land on the earth, this man bought land on the Moon for his wife. Dharmendra Anija from Ajmer, Rajasthan bought three acres of land on the Moon and gifted it to his wife Sapna Anija on their wedding anniversary.

The couple celebrated their wedding anniversary on December 24. On this occasion, Dharmendra wanted to gift something special to his wife. He thought gifting cars or jewellery is regular and wanted to give her something different. So, he decided to buy land on the Moon through Luna Society International for her.

Luna Society International is an authorized firm in New York, USA to offer a limited number of properties to the public on the Moon. International Lunar Lands Authority (ILLA) approved the firm for this.

It took a year for Dharmendra to complete the process of purchasing land on the Moon. Dharmendra is extremely happy about buying land on the Moon. Probably he is the first person in Rajasthan to buy land on the Moon. His wife Sapna also happy on receiving such a great and special gift from her husband. She said that she never expected it and it was a surprise to her.

Dharmendra also organized a party for his wife by event organisers on their wedding anniversary. The theme of the event is based on the Moon. Sapna said that the event was organised in such a way that she felt they were actually on the moon. During the event, he gifted her the framed certificate of the property document which made her thrilled.

The number of potential buyers of the land on the moon is slowly increasing. Earlier also, a man from Bodh Gaya bought one-acre land on the moon on his birthday.

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