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Kerala woman writes a 434-meter-long letter to her brother

Kerala woman writes a 434-meter-long letter to her brother

Nowadays, people are celebrating different days to mark various occasions. Certain days are dedicated to certain people. Many people are not aware of some less common days.

World Brother’s Day is one such day, which is becoming popular in recent days. It is celebrated on May 24.

Krishna Priya from Kerala wishes her brother on that day every year. However, this year, she was very busy with her work schedule. Hence, she forgot to wish her younger brother Krishnaprasad, who lives in Peermedu.

Krishna Prasad got upset as his sister did not wish him on a very special day. He sent her screenshots of others who wished him.

He blocked her number on WhatsApp. He even did not respond to her calls. Krishna Priya realized that her brother got angry.

She then wanted to write a letter and express all her feelings in that letter. When she started writing, she realized that an A4 size paper was not fit to express all her feelings.

She bought 15 rolls and wrote on all of them. She poured out all her feelings and expressed how he was very special to her. She wrote about many memorable things in their life and the celebrations they made. It made the letter very lengthy. It took 12 hours for her to complete the letter.

The letter is 434-meter-long. When Krishna Priya went to the post office to mail it, it weighed more than 5 kgs. She told the complete story to the postal staff. They were excited to send it.

The letter was delivered to her brother. He was surprised. He was very happy after receiving the letter. He immediately called her and shared his joy for receiving such a great letter. He also showed it to his friends.

As this letter is the longest letter ever written by anybody, Krishna Priya applied to the Guinness World Records. She is waiting for their confirmation.

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