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Karnataka doctor treats patients for just ₹5

Karnataka doctor treats patients for just ₹5

Healthcare has become very expensive. That’s why it is not accessible to ordinary people. While several people are running behind money, this Karnataka doctor believes in humanity.

Dr Shankare Gowda from Mandya, Karnataka, charges just ₹5 from the patients. Besides, he prescribes low-cost medicines.

Dr Gowda provides a complete package of treatment in five rupees, including screening, medication prescribing, injections etc. Hence the locals call him ‘Five Rupees doctor’.

At least 500 sick people visit him daily to get treatment. Dr Gowda has served the poor and underprivileged for the past 35 years.

Initially, he used to practice medicine in the area where he lives. It is over 10 km from his village. Several villagers would visit him for treatment. Then he thought that it is better to practice in his village so that it would be easier for the patients.

Though numerous private hospitals offered him a good salary for working at their hospitals, Dr Gowda refused.

He says that many rural people are not receiving quality, affordable healthcare services. Several underprivileged people do not get access to healthcare as it has become expensive for several years.

In this context, he wanted to serve the poor and offer treatment at a nominal fee. He has not increased the fees for several years.

Dr Gowda is an MBBS graduate from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. He is a skin care specialist. He does not have a big clinic. He sits at a sweetshop where he counsels and prescribes medication for patients.

People from distant places also come for treatment. Dr Gowda also works on his farm, in addition to practising medicine. He does not own a house or car, even after several years of practice.

He uses public transport to reach the place where he treats. Numerous people wait for his treatment. Dr Gowda sees all of them. He goes to his home only after seeing all the patients. Thus, this doctor has a great and kind heart.

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