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India’s first woman private detective

India’s first woman private detective

Rajani Pandit is India’s first woman private investigator. Read on to find out how she started and what she did.

Ms. Pandit who is today a highly acclaimed private investigator is known for being the first woman private investigator in India. When she first started to get into the field, she received a lot snide remarks from people who asked her if she became a detective because she didn’t get any other work.

She started when she was 25, but now she is 50. Her agency named Rajani Pandit Detective Services was started in 1991. Now, she has a team of about 20 people. Her agency is responsible for solving more than 75,000 cases.

Her fame didn’t come easy anyway. There were many challenges she had to face even for basic things like getting ad space in a newspaper. However, she slowly gained popularity with her impressive work and has clients all across India and even in different parts of the world now.

Rajani got interested in investigation when she was in college. To her, an investigator comes to help when people cannot find the evidence needed to solve a problem. The first case she solved was when she got curious about the behavior change in one of her friends. She found out that her friend was getting involved in some illicit activities. She helped her friend get her life back to normal. When her friend’s father asked her if she was a spy, that’s when Rajani thought of becoming one.

Her most memorable case was when she had to pose as a servant in a stranger’s house for six months.

She finally managed to catch a murderer at the end of this period. Rajani says that the work of a detective became easier with modern technology. But, to her people should not be ashamed to do something they are passionate about.

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