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Girl translates Gita into Urdu

Girl translates Gita into Urdu

Hiba Fatima hails from a traditional Muslim Family in Bodhan, Nizamabad. She is pursuing Bachelor of Education.

Hiba’s father Ahmed Khan is a small scale merchant. He has taught his children that all religions are equal and humanity is the greatest thing one has to acquire.

He encouraged his children to learn about the remaining religions as well.

Curious to know about Hinduism, Hiba researched on Bhagavad Gita. She used to watch videos on YouTube. Yet, she was confused as different people used to interpret it in different versions for the Slokas in the Gita.

Hence, she wanted to know about the actual essence of the Gita for which she researched it. She then translated it into Urdu for the youth to understand it easily.

Hiba studied in Urdu medium till her Intermediate and continued her graduation in English medium.

In order to translate Bhagavad Gita, she bought Gita versions in Telugu, Hindi and English languages.

Hiba finished her translation in three months. She faced many issues in translating the Slokas in Urdu. Then arranging them chronologically was another issue and she could manage it efficiently.

She found that the meaning of some Slokas in the Gita and Ayah in the Quran are similar. So far, she realized 500 such Slokas.

She is managing a YouTube Channel, ‘Message for All’ to describe the essence of both the religious scriptures.

She has uploaded 80 videos on that channel so far.

Now she is writing a book, ‘Similarities between Bhagavad Gita and Quran’. She says that all religious scriptures advise humans on how to live in a good manner and humanity is the most superior thing of all.

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