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Fully AC house with no electricity bill

Fully AC house with no electricity bill

Meet Dinesh Pagariya. He has a home which is fully Air conditioned but he doesn’t pay any electricity bill. Wondering how he does that? Read on to find out.

It is an eco-friendly initiative that Dinesh took on his own. His house became famous because of it.

His house has enough solar energy generators to run it. And the best part? He made it all from scratch without even a temporary Bescom connection.

Dinesh is an enthusiast of both nature and real estate, he combined both of them to develop an initiative for healthy living.

He lives in Bengaluru. Not only this unique home, he also runs an off-grid office operation to encourage electric-powered cars over conventional vehicles.

No matter what he does, he makes sure renewable energy is the motto behind it.

With that interest, he was fascinated by solar energy. So he wanted to incorporate that technology when he built his cousin’s house two years earlier.

That was his first attempt. Since there were no errors in the installation he did at his cousin’s house, he took a step further and made his own ambitious house.

His new house is in Bengaluru’s Jayanagar neighborhood and it works on solar-powered energy.

Fully AC house with no electricity bill

Fully AC house with no electricity bill

It took him just 12 months to build this green construction. He started a solar unit at the house even before the construction of the actual home. Many ecofriendly people are using solar units at their homes these days. However, it is quite rare to use solar power before and during construction.

Dinesh received help from an architect, Ganesh Kumar of Studio 69. Ganesh encouraged him to continue the project even when he faced difficulties.

In the beginning it was just a small power plant atop the worker’s shed. As the construction progressed, the plant was also upgraded to power the completed house.

The plant can also generate full power on cloudy days. It can also be stepped on without problems.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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  1. Sandip dey says:

    My house’s roof is arround 1000 sqft nd i want to cover the whole roof using soller kit. I want to know about the budget. .

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