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Helping Hand for those in need

Free counseling center for those in need

In the modern life, there are many people who might feel neglected and isolated from family and friends. Almost everyone has problems of their own and many don’t care about others’. In order to help those who feel like there is no one to help them, Helping Hand volunteers has been started. They even provide support to mental health professionals.

The organization was started in the 1980s with a handful of volunteers. Today, the organization has grown into a network of 300 different Bangaloreans of various walks of life. All of them take some time of their day once or more a week to help others.

Any person can volunteer with Helping Hand. Age, education or any other factor does not matter. They can do any type of work within the organization and are also free to drop out whenever they want. Even so, most volunteers who helped here tend to continue because of the satisfaction they get.

The organization was started by late Alice Saldanha. She wanted to help people ease their emotional pain. As years passed by, the counseling took a more professional turn as Dr. Khwaja, a graduate of Indian Institute of Technology took over. He is one of the best known counselors in India.

Today, there are around 20 trained counselors volunteering for Helping Hand and offer free counseling services at the organization’s office. Anyone can volunteer here even if they are not trained.

Helping hand does not get any aid from government of non-government funding nor do they sell any subscriptions or products or services. They maintain all their services for free. Dr. Khwaja says that the aim of Helping Hand is to raise volunteers and not funds. The organization wants to help people find meaning in their life and heal their pain and make their lives better.

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