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Farmer’s son to run in India’s First Multi-City Ultra-marathon

Farmer’s son to run in India’s First Multi-City Ultra-marathon

India’s first ever multi-city marathon – the Great Indian Run is a big run involves six states. It is a 1,480 km run which occurs for 20 days. In this run, there are going to be 16 of the best ultra-marathon runners from India as well as from abroad.

However, there is one man participating in this run who hails from hardships but never stopped. His name is Dhanee Kumar, a resident of Anjar in Kutch district of Gujarat.

Dhanee won six ultra-marathons in the country. He hails from a rural farming family in Uttar Pradesh. His passion of running is complimented with his work in farming.

He will be participating in the Great Indian Run, the country’s first ever multi-city marathon. The run starts in Delhi on July 17. It ends in Mumbai on August 6.

Ultra-marathons are races which are longer than traditional marathon length of 42.195 kilometers. This marathon will cover Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. It is meant to promote running as a sport in India.

Dhanee has been interested in running since he was five years old. People around him encouraged him to take it seriously. 29 year old Dhanee had since practiced with a coach.

He has been participating in competitive runs since 2013. He did many ultra-marathons like the 100km ‘Ultra by Zendurance’ in Ladakh, 100km ‘Run the Rann’ in Kutch, 160km ‘Globeracers Ultra’ in the Rann of Kutch, and the 160km ‘Run the Rann’.

Dhanee only participates in races which do not charge a registration fee due to his financial condition. Every day, he runs 30-40 km switching between high-intensity and low-intensity trainings. He follows a regular Indian diet despite his training regime. He eats a diet of dal, rice, vegetables and chapattis that he can afford. He managed to gain a lot of stamina with that diet.

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