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District Collector’s software solution to help farmers

District Collector’s software solution to help farmers

N. Yuvaraj, the district collector of Visakhapatnam saw that many farmers are using too much urea and pesticides. In order to control this usage, he along with the district administration of Visakhapatnam is working on a software-based solution.

Yuvaraj has already warned farmers against the over usage of urea and pesticides. He said that a software-driven plan should be developed to monitor the use of urea. He explained to the farmers about the danger of using urea on the health of people and how it reduces vitality of the soil.

Many farmers use urea because it gives the crops a nice lush, green look. Many farmers also use it as a substitute for expensive fertilizers. They go to different fertilizer outlets to buy urea again and again. Even if they cannot afford it, farmers are doing everything they can to buy urea. This is also increasing the cost of farming.

Yuvaraj says that their software will be integrated with all primary agricultural credit societies and fertilizer dealers. It will have land details from Web Land which covers all land details. Whenever a farmer buys fertilizer using an app or computer, the quantity of the purchase will be recorded and he won’t be able to buy again.

Based on the land details and the type of crop that the farmer has sown, the software will be able to calculate the required amount of urea. This software is set to have a pilot during the present Kharif season. The plans to expand it to other areas is also set and will be done in the coming seasons. The software is in the final stages of development.

The platform will also have four sugar factories that supply fertilizers to farmers. An app called e-crop will be used by village revenue officers and personnel of the Agriculture Department to keep track of crops sown.

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