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Differently-abled professor teaches driving

Differently-abled professor teaches driving to differently-abled people

She was attacked by polio when she was 6 years old. She became paralyzed from her waist down due to polio.

Her name is Anita Sharma. This Jaipur girl never let her disability become an obstacle to her ambitions.

Initially, Anita rode a bike with the support of extra wheels. Then, she shifted to a car which was modified and the accelerator, brake, and clutch were controlled by her hands instead of her legs.

There is a mechanic named Rajesh Sharma in Jaipur who modified her car and customized it as per her needs.

Rajesh Sharma had modified around 3,000 cars as per the needs of differently-abled people.

His device is beneficial for people who have lower-limb disabilities. He provides his service at the doorstep of the users.

He attaches levers under the steering wheel. The accelerator works similar to that of a bike so that it will be easy for users to handle.

Rajesh Sharma has made modifications to Anita Sharma’s Maruti Alto. She pursued her PhD in Disability and Entrepreneurship at IIM, Indore. At that time, she used that car.

Today, she is using her car to teach driving to differently-abled people.

But, how did this happen? Anita was very much inspired by Navin Gulia. Despite being paralyzed from the neck down, he achieved several world records with his adventures.

He was visiting her campus when she was pursuing her PhD along with his friends. At that time, one of his friends asked Anita whether she could teach her driving a car. Though it was very informal, Anita began teaching from then.

Then she researched to find driving schools that help differently-abled people. She came to know that diving schools need a special license to train differently-abled people.

The first driving school for such people was started in India in 2013. Then, she started a driving school in Amritsar for differently-abled people on both manual and automatic gears.

She knew that her route was full of obstacles yet she overcame them all.

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