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Chennai couple marries underwater     

Chennai couple marries underwater     

Nowadays, destination weddings are quite common. But, this couple’s wedding took place underwater for a social cause.

Chennai couple, V Chinnadurai and S Swetha married underwater to create awareness on ocean pollution.

Both the bride and groom are software engineers. Besides, V Chinnadurai is a certified scuba diver. He has been into scuba diving for 12 years. When he noticed the underwater pollution like a plastic waste on the seabed, he decided to get married underwater to create awareness among people on this issue.

He said that nowadays, masks are also polluting the waterbeds. He wished people understood the importance of natural resources and not damage any of them as each has its significance. The couple’s marriage took place 60 feet underwater off the coast of Neelankarai.

The couple wore traditional wedding attire. While the bride wore saree, the groom wore dhoti. Both performed the initial rituals on the shore. Later they sailed in a boat to find a spot for their wedding after that they dived into the water to complete wedding ceremony and exchange of garlands. The couple spent around 45 minutes underwater for this.

While Chinnadurai has experience in scuba diving, his wife Shwetha has no experience in this. She did not know how to dive. She was scared of the idea in the beginning. However, she took lessons for a few days to learn scuba diving and overcame her fear on the wedding day. She expressed her happiness on achieving their adventurous marriage without any hindrance.

The couple said that they married in a unique way underwater to spread the message to the world and highlight the importance of keeping the water bodies clean and pollution-free.

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