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Bus conductor clears UPSC exam

Bus conductor clears UPSC exam

Clearing the UPSC exams is one of the toughest tasks. Only dedicated study and hard work can help people achieve this.

Many people leave everything and work very hard to succeed in these examinations. But this bus conductor cleared the exam with daily preparation of five hours while performing his regular duties.

Madhu NC is working as a bus conductor in Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC). Hailing from Malavali in Mandya, Madhu joined BMTC at 19 years after finishing his school education.

He finished his graduation and post-graduation through distance education. He holds a Masters degree in Political Science. Madhu is the first to be educated in his family.

Madhu cleared the prelims exams in June 2019 in Kannada. He chose English in Mains and opted for Political Science and International Relations.

His current boss C Shikha, the managing director of BMTC helped him. She has been guiding him for his Mains as well as for the interview. She is very supportive and guided him.

Being a conductor, his job is very tedious to perform in an overcrowded bus for eight hours daily. However, he never felt tired to study for achieving his goals.

Madhu appeared in the Karnataka Administrative Services (KAS) exams in 2014, but he could not clear it. Yet, he was not demotivated but decided firmly to achieve the goal of IAS.

In his first attempt, he could not succeed in the UPSC exams in 2018. This motivated him further to succeed in the exams.

He evaluated his strengths and weaknesses and worked hard. He wanted to achieve big goals in his life. He used to study five hours daily before and after his work by waking up at 4:00 a.m.

He used to finish his daily targets and achieved his goal with self-study. He is preparing for the interview that is scheduled on March 25.

His parents don’t even know what exams he had cleared but they are happy he succeeded.

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