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Bengaluru man provides free meal to patients’ aides

Bengaluru man provides free meal to patients’ aides

Several people visit Bengaluru from villages and other states for their treatment. Most of them are not able to afford hotels as they have to spend huge money on treatment and medicines.

As they do not have enough money to eat, they have to starve due to lack of money. Observing such people, Syed Gulab wants to help them.

He is an insurance agent. He started distributing free food to people who escort their family members and live outside hospitals.

The initiative of free meal distribution program began from an incident.

Four years ago, the daughter of Syed’s friend was admitted in the ICU of a hospital. He used to visit the hospital regularly to help his friend.

At that time, he observed that many families of the patients were living on the pavements without food and water.

Moved by the scenes, Syed decided to provide free lunch to them.

His free meal distribution program started with 100 people. Now he is serving around 700 people per day.

Syed says that people did not believe him the very first day and looked at him with suspicion. But as soon as he opened the food bags and containers, they approached him to get their meal.

Syed served free meal only on Sundays for the first six months. He then registered a trust to serve people.

He also obtained permission from the hospital to install his stall for a few hours daily on the premises.

Hyderabad-based social activist Azhar Maqsusi also joined Syed when he began to serve free meals regularly.

Several other people and organizations also came forward to donate money as well as food.

One of his friends rented his house near the hospital for free to prepare the meal.

Syed’s family members, who did not understand his motive in the beginning, are happy now with his noble act. His deed is appreciated by many others as well.

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