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Auto driver feeds 400 people daily

Auto driver feeds 400 people daily

Akshay Kothawale, an auto driver in Pune had been saving money for his wedding that was fixed for May 25.

However, the situations turned dramatic due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus in the city.

The number of cases has been rising in the country and Maharashtra stood in the top place with the highest number of COVID-19 cases.

While the entire country is under lockdown, the auto driver thought it was not good to celebrate the event with limited family members.

In this context, Akshay and his fiancée, Rupali decided to postpone their marriage. He saved nearly ₹2 lakhs for his marriage.

He decided to spend the money to feed the poor and migrant labourers who are struggling for their daily needs.

Earlier also, he helped people that were affected by floods and arranged meals for the devotees during the processions.

Hence, his fiancée was not surprised at this decision of spending his savings on the poor and underprivileged. She supported him morally as well as financially.

With his savings, Akshay prepares meals along with his three friends for around 400 people daily. They prepare khichdi, pulao or sambar rice with a few spices and vegetables.

Taking those meal packets in his auto, he goes to 4 to 5 places and distributes the people in need.

He has been doing this since 23rd March and hopes to continue this service till May 31.

Besides, he is offering free rides in his auto-rickshaw to pregnant women and senior citizens who need to visit hospitals during the lockdown.

He wears a face mask and hand gloves and spreads awareness on coronavirus through a loudspeaker on his vehicle.

He also distributes masks and sanitizers to roadside dwellers who are at a higher risk.

His friends also contributed to his programs to the possible extent.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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