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9-year-old builds an app to inspire children

9-year-old builds an app to inspire children

Chandrayaan-2, though was not fully successful, attracted the attention of the entire nation including kids.

Siya Narale is a 9-year-old girl. She is one among the millions of Indians inspired by the lunar mission.

Chandrayaan-2 was very impressive even though it could not finish the task as expected.

Narale’s is young; but, she is very intelligent. With her interest in rockets, she built an app to inspire children.

She is also interested in computer coding. She wants to help other children learn technology.

Narale is a student of Tip Top Convent in Nagpur.

She designed an app to help kids know about what kind of rockets are being launched by ISRO.

Her app also provides knowledge on how rockets are built and assembled at a space hangar, launched, and land on the Moon.

Narale has learned many things on coding from the online platform White Hat Jr.

She applied her learning skills and developed the app. Children can play around with different parts of the rocket using her app.

They can assemble the parts of a rocket and arrange them in the correct order. This helps children understand the basic concepts of space technology.

It also improves their interest in astrophysics.

Narale created this app after being inspired by the televised launch of the recent Chandrayaan-2 rocket.

She said that she was inspired by the women scientists and engineers who took part in the lunar mission.

She wanted to inspire other children and hence designed this app. She hopes her app would motivate little children towards science and technology.

Rather than forcing them to study science and technology, Narale is trying to inspire them with games. Her idea and efforts are appreciable.

Image Reference: Indiatimes

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