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10-year-old Chef-entrepreneur

10-year-old Chef-entrepreneur

Age is no bar for motivation. This little chef has proved it once again by achieving huge things at the tender age.

Vinusha MK from Chennai is a 10-year-old girl. This little chef turned her passion into entrepreneurship.

Her Facebook page reveals that many FB Lives conducted recently. Her FB Live with Amul India is one among them which has more than four lakh views.

Vinusha is studying at Amrita Vidyalayam in Chennai. Her passion for cooking made her entrepreneur.

When she was nine years old, she wanted to surprise her mother with a self-made cake on her birthday. She took the help of a friend for this. And with the help of YouTube videos, she managed to bake a cake. Her mother was happy.

Vinsuha then decided to improve her skills in baking as she has a passion and ability to progress.

When she expressed her desire, her parents were excited and encouraged her to join entrepreneur sessions.

Then she created her own brand, Four Seasons Pastry. She bakes and sells cupcakes under this brand. She uses different cream and frosting in her cakes, which make them unique. They represent the four seasons, summer, winter, spring, and autumn using different ingredients.

The orange depicts summer, snowflakes reflect winter, flowers sign spring, and scattered orange leaves represent autumn.

Chef Lakshmi and Chef Geetha Krishnan are her mentors. They taught her everything from basics to the advanced techniques to improve her talents. She also acknowledges Suresh Chinnaswamy for guiding her in this field. While the YouTube videos helped her at an amateur level, her mentors made her a skillful cook in pastries and cupcakes.

She launched different varieties during the lockdown, like chocolates, vegetable and chicken sandwiches, and blondies. She wants to offer healthy versions of cupcakes soon.

Within one year of the launch, she could sell more than 600 cupcakes. She aims to study at a famous culinary institute in France or Switzerland.

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