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Indian government to ban Facebook

After the many cases of mocking politicians and cyber crimes, the government seems to have shifted the blame onto the Social Media. The IT

Zuckerberg to log into India,

The Indian seems to be having rather an American-like dream, what with the visit to the US by Modi, and then a hat-trick of

Mammootty’s My Tree Challenge is

Being inspired by Ice bucket Challenge, My Tree Challenge was initiated by actor Mammotty in Kerala on 30 August, 2014 to preserve the nature.

Will Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate

Aamir Khan’s SatyamevJayate third season is going to start from September 21 with new design. The new season is going to have additions of

Rice Bucket Challenge goes Viral

The Ice Bucket challenge which was meant for charity regarding ALS is one of the most viral trends in the world at present. This