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Ahmedabad to go completely digital

Ahmedabad is one of the badly affected cities with coronavirus in the country.

UV sanitizers to disinfect currency

Stainless steel kitchen containers and aluminium mesh have been used to prepare this UV sanitizer.

Punjab residents garlanded sanitation workers

The residents of Nabha, Patiala in Punjab applauded sanitation workers with garlands of currency notes. They clapped and showered flower petals on these workers.

New 100 Rupee note –

The dimensions of the new ₹100 banknote will be 142 millimeters in length and 66 millimeters in width.

What the RBI is doing

According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), there were 1,716.5 crore pieces of ₹500 notes and 6585.8 crore pieces of ₹1,000 notes in