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TriBeCa Care provides elderly homecare

TriBeCa Care provides elderly homecare

Protecting the elderly is difficult now. Despite government norms, several private hospitals are not providing general medical services. Most of the government hospitals are dedicated to COVID-19.

In this context, senior citizens and elderly people are facing huge difficulties in getting proper healthcare. Besides, it is difficult for them to go out and bring essential items.

TriBeCa Care, a Kolkata-based startup came forward for their rescue. They offer several services to elderly people.

TriBeCa Care was founded by Tamojit Dutta, Prateep Sen, Elina Dutta, Shibaji Saha, and Ritendra Roy.

The startup introduced several new services amid nationwide lockdown.

Ambulance services, elder care, home nursing, telemedicine, emergency response and many services are provided by them.

They help with hospitalization and provide home attendants to the elderly people.

To provide timely help to senior citizens and overcome transportation issues during the lockdown, TriBeCa Care provided bikes to workers and care providers.

The startup increased the number of phones calls to the elderly. It offers services on a subscription model.

The company’s various services are as follows:

  • Envelope of Care is a personalized service offered to the elderly by maintaining social distance.
  • Dare to Care is a home delivery service of essentials to the people, especially to those over 80 years.
  • NIrbhor is an assisted telemedicine platform.
  • Talk to me is a free counselling service on the phone.

The company also provides teleconsultations. It establishes the required medical equipment like stethoscopes, spirometers, pulse oximeters etc. for these consultations.

Besides, it also provides remote health monitoring services for people with mild symptoms of coronavirus. PPE kits and digital medical devices are also provided to them on behalf of some reputed hospitals in Kolkata.

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