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ToneTag – secure payments using sound

ToneTagg – secure payments using sound

In India, it’s a common thing for people to give customers candies instead of change, in order to save money.

People who live in India are accustomed to it, but people from other places can find it very strange.

Such was the case with Kumar Abhishek and his friend from overseas, who found it strange that Abhishek’s country found it normal to accept sweets instead of money.

After his friend expressed his feelings about the Indian candy-as-change practice, Abhishek stopped and thought about the difficulties Indians have with payment.

He teamed up with his friend, Vivek Kumar Singh, and together, the two of them decided to start ToneTag.

ToneTag was founded in 2013. Currently, the company’s headquarters are in Bengaluru. ToneTag encrypts data and uses soundwaves to send it from one device to another.

This allows ToneTag’s users to make digital payments securely and easily. Using ToneTag’s technology, people can make payments without using any instrument.

Payments do not have to depend on any particular hardware, and they do not depend on Internet connectivity either.

ToneTag can be integrated with both payment apps and digital wallets. It can work on any operating system, from Windows to iOS to Linux.

ToneTag does not necessarily need a smartphone to function, since it functions using soundwaves.

Abhishek and Singh noticed that other payment solutions were neither as accessible nor as seamless as cash.

Most of them relied on having a smartphone, or having a smartphone with access to the Internet. Because of these limitations, most Indians did not have access to these payment solutions.

Thankfully, ToneTag does not have these limitations, since sound is universal and can be easily integrated.

ToneTag’s technology can also be used for other applications besides payment. It can be used for broadcasting, advertising, and promotion. Thanks to ToneTag, all Indians can use a payment solution that is easy to access and apply.

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