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Startup that is helping the army

Startup that is helping the army

Tactics are very important in a battlefield. It makes all the difference to have a proper battle strategy. In order to help the army with strategy planning, Praveen Bhaniramka, alumni of IIT-Varanasi created this new digital sand model technology. His technology was adopted by the Border Security Force much to his pride.

In 2014, his digital sand model technology was adopted by the Army for real-time operation planning. The technology helps with faster and critical decision making.

Praveen Bhaniramka started VizExperts, his own startup which created the technology. He says that the digital Sand Model is a revolutionary solution which helps with operation planning, mission briefing and training, for the Indian paramilitary, police, and the armed forces.

The technology uses online data from the field formations of the BSF. This can be directly visualized on the geospatial platform. Using the visualization, the armed forces can have better incident mapping and faster decision making.

Praveen says that the integrated solution works on a 3D GIS platform which includes audio visual hardware, interaction devices, and the backend GIS database and terrain data for the entire country.

The BSF has felicitated his startup VizExperts for the role it played in helping them with this technology. Praveen started his startup in the year 2006. It works in the visual computing field. The startup provides complex solutions to simplify data for the sake of decision making.

Praveen says that his firm has been spending a lot of investment on engineering and product development so far. Now, he is planning to divert its attention to business development. They aim to increase its investment to around Rs.10 crore for this fiscal year which is supposed to increase the revenue to Rs.30-40 crore.

Many experts say that India has many hi-tech startups which can help the defense sector.

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