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Smartivity – smart toys that encourage STEM fields

Smartivity - smart toys that encourage STEM fields

When Tushar A. Amin and Apoorv Gupta were at a birthday party in 2015, the two of them began discussing how science-related toys could help children learn science concepts more quickly.

Around the world, more interest is being put into science and discovery, and in India alone, it is estimated that about 490,000 data science jobs will be available this year.

However, since there aren’t enough people out there who are skilled in these fields, it is estimated that only 200,000 of these jobs will be filled.

Apoorv talked to his former classmates, Ashwini Kumar and Rajat Jain, both of whom were instantly interested in the idea of making science toys for children.

All four founders were working at the time, but they were eager to get out of the corporate life and begin something new.

In January of 2015, they joined together and formed Smartivity, a startup dedicated to engaging children in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) concepts through toys.

They began their range of STEM toys with their AR-enabled coloring sets and jigsaw puzzles.

By utilizing AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) in their toys, not only can they teach children about STEM concepts, but they can also further invest their attention by using this immersive technology.

Today, the Smartivity team consists of 55 members, from product designers to creative designers to technologists. They have recently launched their STEMNINJA initiative, which encourages their patrons to design their own STEM toys.

One of the key attractions of Smartivity products is their use of AR and VR, which can integrate the STEM concepts with a truly immersive experience, not only helping children’s understanding of the concepts but also taking away their fear of learning.


Smartivity encourage STEM fields

In the future, Smartivity wants to encourage more and more kids to get into science and technology, so that they can become the discoverers and innovators of the future.

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