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Nutreat offers hand-pound baby food

Nutreat offers hand-pound baby food

To offer natural and healthy food to kids, a woman from Andhra Pradesh launched a startup, Nutreat. Jyothi Sri Pappu from Malikipuram in East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, is a pharmacist.  Jyothi Realized the harm the preservatives in baby products can cause to babies and their toxic effects on the health of babies. Hence, she wanted to do something for her newborn.

She sought safer alternatives and healthier options for her kid. Her mother and grandmother helped her in this.

She moved to Malikipuram, a village in East Godavari from Vijayawada, where she found plenty of natural resources. She procured ingredients from local farmers.

She says that usage of electric grinders causes loss of nutrients due to the heat generated in the process. But, the natural hand pounding methods retain them as such. So they enhance the flavour.

Then, Jyothi switched to natural methods for her child. Her friends and relatives also asked to get these recipes for their children. This made her launch Nutreat.

Nutreat offers more than 100 products and 7,000 customized recipes for its clients. These products are sold on the website.

It has 5,000 customers in the beginning. Currently, the startup has more than 12,000 customers.  The business has grown due to mouth publicity. Most customers seek customized recipes from the startup.

To increase the shelf-life, all ingredients are sun-dried. Then the flour is made with stone grinders, pestle and mortars or similar manual equipment.

They start making the products after the confirmation of orders from their customers. This helps keep the products fresh.

Nutreat’s products are also sold on Amazon and Flipkart. They are sold not just to customers from across the country, but from other countries like Australia, Scotland, and the USA.

Several customers of Nutreat are happy about getting healthy and chemical-free food products for their newborns and children.

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