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Mistay: Hotel bookings made simple

Mistay: Hotel bookings made simple

The world is becoming a more and more connected place, and with that, travel is becoming more and more common. India is no exception to this rule; travel over long weekends is continuing to rapidly increase, and the tourism sector is predicted to grow at an average of 7% per year over the upcoming decade.

Therefore, the hotel industry is also swiftly growing and becoming more and more important.

However, although there are several innovations being introduced in the industry, such as the development of online booking, there are still places where it falls behind.

Some of these include the strict times for checking in and checking out of hotels and the minimum time for booking a room being stuck at twenty-four hours.

However, MiStay is a new travel-tech company that exists precisely to solve these issues.

MiStay is a new online booking company that allows bookings on hourly bases as well as flexible times for checking in and out of hotels. When the co-founders, Sandeep Jaiswal and Pranav Prabhakar, had issues with their hotel about the check-in time, as well as having to overpay for their short stay, they began to consider how to get around these problems.

They then began MiStay, which gives slot-based bookings (a morning slot, day slot, and night slot) and allows its customers to check in and out of hotels whenever they need to. It improves the experience of both business and leisure travelers, as well as giving hotels themselves more flexibility in their offerings.

Mistay: Hotel bookings made simple

Mistay: Hotel bookings made simple


Currently, MiStay is the only company in its niche, while other related companies cater to other parts of the industry. It is operating in Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, and Guragon, and still aims to expand its horizons further.

With the hotel industry constantly increasing in revenue, opportunities are wide open for MiStay to spread its ideals of convenient and flexible travel for anyone who needs it.

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