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Gujju Students – An EdTech platform to help students

Gujju Students – An EdTech platform to help students

Normally children attend school and play games. If they have time, they just enjoy spending time with their friends.

Running a business does not come to their minds.

But, this Gujarat boy founded a startup at the age of 15 years.

His name is Hitarth Sheth. He had faced difficulty when he missed school and lessons.

For this, he used to request the help of teachers for an extra session. This becomes difficult for him to get missed lessons every time.

At that time, he used to search government websites for the required material.

In addition to that, he realized that several of his friends search on the internet to prepare notes and the study materials for their Board exams.

Especially, the students of Gujarati Medium used to struggle as they don’t find relevant material for them.

In order to reduce their chaos, Hitarth founded Gujju Students, an edtech portal for his classmates.

Hitarth developed an app with which students can learn everything related to school syllabus on it.

Gujju Students has textbooks, videos, and multiple choice questions from classes 1 to 12 of the latest Gujarat state board syllabus.

Despite facing challenges while developing the app and managing with his studies, Hitarth never stepped back.

He took the help of his teachers to create the videos on study topics for class 10 to class 12 students.

He also included quizzes for students who are appearing for Board exams.

Gujju Students is a one-man show as everything including the development of a website to the building of a site has been done by Hitarth.

He depended on YouTube and online forums to deal with bugs and errors in his app.

This is not his first app as Hitarth developed an app called Diabetes Doctor when he was in class 8 after the death of his grandfather due to diabetes.

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