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Greens and More helps people eat healthy food

Greens and More helps people eat healthy food

Some startups are born out of passion while others for monetary gains. But, only some startups are born out of necessity.

Greens and More is one such startup that was born out of necessity.

This Hyderabad based startup was established by Preeti Sinha to help people eat right and healthy food.

Greens and More is a one-stop solution that fulfills all the requirements of health and is tailored to the body needs of the users available at an affordable price.

The founder of the company Preeti had gained approximately 20 kgs of weight during pregnancy which led to Sciatica that affects the sciatic nerve in the lower back. Furthermore, she also was suffering from breathlessness and fatigue regularly.

She joined aerobics classes where the importance of eating healthy food was emphasized.

She tried several food options, but every time she found that one or two important elements were missing in the food she was eating.

Often she found that the food was not fresh. In order to improve her health, Preeti started researching whole food.

She prepared a salad with green vegetables, fruit and sprouts with the help of health experts and nutritionists.

She followed the diet for a few months to achieve the desired results. She lost her weight by 15 kilos.

Her Sciatica pain and other problems were solved. She started sharing her salad for reviews on WhatsApp and got an overwhelming response.

Preeti started her venture with ₹2,000 to supply her first order in Hyderabad. She is in seven WhatsApp groups through which she receives the orders for the food.

Orders are also received through the website. Greens and More supplies food as per the needs of clients like weight loss, workouts, pregnancy, fertility etc. Some clients order their salads to treat specific diseases as well.

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