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Earth Loaf – Handmade chocolate

Earth Loaf – Handmade chocolate

Earth Loaf is a Mysore based startup. It was started by David Belo. The startup makes handmade chocolate with cocoa from Karnataka. The idea for startup came to the creator when visiting India in 2013 after seeing the high quality cocoa growing in Karnataka. David who was an artisan bread baker and pastry chef wanted to experiment with chocolate.

Earth Loaf was initially set up in London in 2010. David set it up with the aim of making handmade organic artisan country bread and raw vegan confectionery. He shifted to India and Earth Loaf Artisan & Raw Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated. After his shift to India, his focus was only on chocolates.

David says that there are multiple reasons why he shifted to chocolate mainly. He say that he wants Indian cocoa to get recognition globally. He says that, 90 percent of the cocoa from the country is used by large corporations like Nestle, Cadbury, and Campco. Once their products are made, no one really pays attention to the raw material.

Earth Loaf chocolate has all its cocoa from India’s south west coast mainly from farms in Karnataka and some from Kerala.

David also wanted to prove that something like chocolate can be used for a great career. He says that seeing so many engineers in the country, he wanted to encourage other creative fields as well.

Earth Loaf mainly aims at producing high quality chocolate in less quantity. This means they don’t produce as much chocolate as others. At present, they are selling an average of 150–200kg per month.

David says that this is more of a raw social project to spread awareness about organic products and craftsmanship rather than a business. He wants his startup to encourage creativity and nutrition. The products from Earth Loaf are mostly handled by hand as much as possible.

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